Benefits of Travel, especially for Kids!

Focused field trips give students educational experiences away from their usual closed school environments. Most fruitful field trip sites include historical sites, zoos, nature centers, community agencies such as fire stations and hospitals, local businesses and science museums.

Not only do field trips provide alternative educational opportunities for children, they can also benefit the community if they include some type of community service.

  • Deeper perspective on history
  • Taking on different roles and responsibility
  • Teaches adaptability and problem solving
  • Hands on learning
  • Greater geographic awareness
  • Learning languages
  • Increases curiosity
  • Making friends around the world
  • Understanding other cultures
  • More self led learning

Born2C proudly bringing specially crafted educational trips for school children, from age 12 to 18. Each of our trips are colored with amusements and fun for modern kids, are intelligently aligned with children’s course contents, are drawn for societies to be benefited.

Most of our trip are suitable for group outings for school children. In a wrapper of fun-filled picnic trip, kids will come back after learning so many new things, that you will be amazed.

And, We take an open challenge on that!